Our Story

Take time to enjoy a slice of life.

I’m Marcus, owner of Papi’s Pizzeria.  Born and raised in the greater L.A. area, my culinary career began at the age of four when I attended my first cooking class offered at my local community center.  Evidently I have always been passionate about food, but especially pizza.  As a child, my mom would ask what we should make for my birthday dinner and, of course, pizza was always my first choice!  But we wouldn’t order out, we would buy fresh dough and the best ingredients from Claro’s, a local, family-owned Italian market.

I began working in the food service industry when I was fourteen and have held both front and back house positions.  I moved to Downtown L.A. fourteen years ago and soon after met Angelica, my wife.  Together, we enjoyed traveling to other big cities, exploring pizza cultures.  We realized that, in time, our own Downtown L.A. community would have that too.  We could not wait!  We decided we wanted to be a part of it by opening our own pizzeria, specializing in 18” pies, pizza by the slice, salads and oven-baked potato wedges.  We were engaged in 2010, married in 2011, and opened Papi’s in 2012, naming the restaurant after our beloved pit bull.

From my experience, I know that both quality product and great service are essential.  Our formula remains the same as it was when I was a kid – the best ingredients make the best pizza.